A beautiful mess

It must have started way back, when i remember how I would secretly choose some of my mum’s outfits, pieces which appeal to me, such as her high waist skirt, big belts, big puffy sleeved tops which upon looking back, explains my undeveloped love for vintage, unknowingly, a pair of heels, and oh, how can I forget, her red lip stick and blusher, when I would then sneak out to my primary school bestie’s place.

And guess what we would be doing????

Putting them on in the best possible combination and taking shots of ourselves! The origins of cam-whoring now you know hohohoho. I’m just glad that digital cameras weren’t really in existence then (at least not to my knowledge) and hence those AHEM not-so-glam photos are now tucked in some corner of my house. PHEW.

It was soooo much fun and I totally miss those carefree days. But you know what, I am actually still doing it these days, only that with new-found purchasing power, I have acquired pieces which are dear to me, and finding new ways to style items in my wardrobe, taking shots of myself and sometimes whatsapping Tiffany (we used to do it A LOT, haha) on those inspired moments. I term it fashion revelation each time a new way of piecing them together pops into my head!

Here are some of my favorite looks!

See what a pair of maroon tights can do to brighten up an outfit

This was an accidental mix and match cos I wasn’t really able to envision the look (yes, I need to have a mental idea of how the pieces will go) and I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out! Isn’t Perth just beautiful?

The amazing world of florals

On a recent trip to Hongkong. Oh the wonders of layering.Yes this is random, a fashion discovery made just last night that purple does well with green! PS: Please ignore my lack of hips. Yes I’m a stick ):

and this pair of green pants is actually rather versatile aren’t they? My camel belt helped brighten up this ensemble and it goes well with the gold details on my sandals and bag strap too!

The thrills of being a woman. Well no one can really fault you for being vain, can they? :p



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One thought on “A beautiful mess

  1. Angeline May 7, 2012 at 1:44 pm Reply

    You’re not a stick! Haha i especially like the combination of you with the white top and skirt 🙂

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