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From Summer to Winter

When the word ‘leggings’ first popped up in my radar, I went ‘what on earth is this??
Is that even a proper English word???

We all witnessed how leggings soon evolved to become one of the staples in the fashion industry. I used to be bewildered when I saw how people dressed leggings up for office wear, well, until I made my very first purchase at a Christmas flea market held in church, where I bought this pair of black leggings from Forever 21, brand new, never worn, from Tiffany (yes, my partner at Lavender Lane!), and yup you got me there. I was hooked ever since.

Thanks to the relatively casual dressing culture at my ex-workplaces, I was given a relative amount of freedom (ahem, self-imposed at times) to enter the office in leggings, with my tunics and heels as companions of course.

So. What first began as a trial progressively became a staple for me before I realize it. Leggings in all colors and prints started raiding my wardrobe. I mean, how can anyone resist something so comfortable and versatile?? Really.

Then came the hybrid of tight jeans and leggings which gives us, jeggings. If you are clueless (especially the guys), just do a quick google and you will get the generic definition that they are basically leggings which are styled to look like tight denim jeans, in better quality and yet still lighter than skinny jeans totally fit for summer.

Simple math here. A combination of ‘jeans + leggings’.

This is what fashion does to you. You be the first to come with it and it becomes the next big thing before you know it. It’s being worn all over the world by celebrities and common folks like me!

And the best part? it’s made of such good quality that it doesn’t show off your VPL 🙂

This is why we, at Lavender Lane, has included this timeless piece in our newly launched Collection 18, available in 3 colors which totally rock! It is made of such good thick stretchy cotton and fits a range of UK6 – 10, comfortably.  And check out how well they go with our lightweight Geometrical Batwing Tops, also available in 3 colors!

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Let the photos do the talking, shall we?

An attempted chic look (with the help of aviators, of course)

I dressed it up a little with my Dorothy Perkins top 🙂

Adeline, on a recent holiday in Sydney, looking great in this pair of jeggings in dark denim blue and winter boots!

As promised, they are stretchy too!

My daily necessity 🙂

And it goes oh so well with our super comfy Geometrical Batwing Top which fits up to UK12. Available in 3 colors!


My Piercing Adventure

It has been on my mind for a while now, to pierce my ears again – I did it before when I was in JC but I allowed the earholes to close and had to throw all the earrings I accumulated over the years away.

I started looking at pictures of earrings online like these below and I began to imagine how they will look with some of the outfits I wear! And of course I was drawn to florals again, we at Lavender Lane just can’t help it! Florals are so versatile and feminine, with a tinge of understated elegance. With that, I knew I was on the point of no return and had to take the plunge again. I am afraid of needles/sharp objects piercing the body so it’s a bit of a big step for me. I mean, it’s like an injection! Haha


Buuuut, I did it! I went to B*Dazzled at Isetan Katong – they have other outlets in town, there’s one at Wisma Atria next to Famous Amos. You have to buy one of their piercing earrings which cost $45 and above. I chose this pair that looks like a flower or a star, with a little diamante in the middle. The lady who pierced my ears was very patient and assured me that it wouldn’t hurt when she saw I was a little nervous and afraid! It felt like a little staple clip on both ears and I only felt a burning sensation when she applied some alcohol solution to sanitize the holes. They also gave me a bottle of that solution to take home ($10.70 with gst) to apply twice a day for a month. One thing I like about the place is their after-sales service, which is free for the next 6 weeks! She was very professional about remarking the holes – she didn’t simply follow the earlier piercings I had because they weren’t level.

So tadah! Happy me with my new piercings.


I haven’t been accessorizing much lately, and it will be so exciting to stock up again on pretty quirky earrings again! I may just set aside a little corner in my house to hang my earrings, with a small vase of flowers and perfume – ah, a girl’s indulgence.


Have you piereced your ears? What sort of earrings do you wear and where do you get them from? Please share tips with me! 😀 😀

Shop for a cause!

You know it’s worth spending the money when you’re doing it for a good cause, isn’t it??
It makes shopping guilt-free when you know that your spending actually helps the less privileged in our very midst. So there you go, we had a cosy tea party last Saturday (23rd June) where people came to chill out, shop in comfort and for every item purchased, $2 goes to charity! What better way to give back to society with the bountiful which we have been blessed with.

We sure had a lot of fun mingling around, getting to know more friends, and enjoying the very yummy food provided graciously by the host!

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Here are snippets of the fun which we had 🙂

All packed!!



What is a tea party without food???

My contribution to the charity fund. It goes with EVERYTHING!!!!