Second Collection launched!

If you haven’t noticed yet, our Second Collection is launched!
It’s been pretty rainy lately but it shouldn’t stop you from being a burst of sunshine wherever you go when you wear our Full of Sunshine Floral Dress, which is the perfect combination of sweet and dainty!
Full of Sunshine Floral Dress_color-YellowFull of Sunshine Floral Dress_color-Blue
If you are looking for something a little more formal that is totally work-appropriate, yet stylish enough for dinner and drinks with friends at night, look no further. The Embroidered in Love Dress is exactly what you need, and comes in classic colours: navy blue, white and black.
Embroidered in love dress_color-BlackEmbroidered in love dress 2_color-Black
If you find that the weather has been a bit too cold, we found the ideal little cardigan that can keep you snug and warm. The Knit-a-Song Cardigan is wonderfully versatile and can be easily tucked in or out.
You can match it with our simple and basic Colour My World Skater Skirt with a pair of pretty ankle boots and you’re good to go!
Color My World Skater Skirt_color-Lime GreenKnit-a-Song Cardigan 3_color-White
10% discount off your first purchase (no limit on the quantity) applies to ALL members who have signed up on our website ♥♥♥
And stay updated by liking us on our Facebook page or by following us on instagram @shop_tifferie!
Tiffany & Valerie ❤

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