The vintage scene in Perth

My bestie who resides in Perth has been enticing me with the up and rising vintage fashion trend that has been developing there for the past five years.

Here’s an excerpt of what this article says:

“People are really getting into it. They want ethical, sustainable and recycled clothing.”

“It’s all about fashion that is sustainable and recycled as opposed to having something that has been mass produced in a factory which contributes to pollution and waste.”

“It’s nice that people are showing an interest in things that were handmade in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and breathing new life into things that would generally be abandoned.”

“I love seeing how people interpret trends with op shop finds, both on the streets and on Perth fashion blogs. Vintage is all about making an outfit your own and making something old new again and Perth’s inhabitants are doing the trend justice.”

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I can’t remember exactly when it started. As I took that step of faith years ago to venture into vintage fashion, discarding the myth that this category of clothing belongs to that of my grandma’s, I found myself pleasantly surprised. From florals, prints to colors, my self confidence grew through trial and error when I realised it really isn’t that hard, honestly. I got excited about coordinating my vintage pieces and see how a breath of life can be infused into these long forgotten treasures. Sometimes with very minor alterations and when I receive compliments from friends and strangers!

One doesn’t have to be slender and tall in order to carry off vintage, like what many have mistakenly believed. All it requires is a dose of curiosity and an adventurous spirit.



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