Top 10 reasons why you should wear vintage


  1. Vintage clothing is better quality. Vintage clothing was not mass produced like the styles of today. Designers paid way more attention to detail, and often times great vintage pieces are hand made!
  2. Vintage classics never go out of style, be above the trends!
  3. Vintage clothing is usually less expensive. Of course some designer vintage pieces can be quite pricey, lucky you if you find these for cheap!
  4. Vintage clothing is unique, and often times one of a kind. No one will be wearing the same outfit as you, promise.
  5. Wearing vintage clothing is a great way to recycle! Be stylish and love your planet.
  6. Vintage clothing has history and character. If vintage could talk!
  7. Vintage clothing is an investment. Unless you rip or stain that lovely vintage dress you scored, it will never loose its value.
  8. Vintage clothing is a huge source of inspiration for many top designers. Vintage is often scouted out and patterns are replicated.
  9. Many celebrities wear vintage, you can dress like a celebrity at a fraction of the cost.
  10. The hunt for vintage is crazy fun! Great vintage is one of a kind, and so are we. To find that amazing piece that you love, and have it fit is pure awesomeness. And oh the places you will go,happy hunting!

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