Monthly Archives: March 2014

Back to basics

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* Love Yourself.
* Dress up everyday, world seems even more beautiful. 
* Be Random, be spontaneous, have fun!
* Spend more time with people that you usually don’t hang out with, you will discover new friends.
* Make sudden plans, and go for it!
* Go out, find new places, meet new people.
* Say what you have in your mind/heart, just say it! That moment is never going to come back, ever!
* Do what you feel like, of course something that wouldn’t hurt someone in anyway, or damage things. (Rational-Irrational Balance)
* Thank each and everyone, who does something for you, be it anyone, from a waiter to your friends/family, everyone.
* Exercise regularly, something that I have been trying to fit into my erratic routine. You will start to love yourself.
* Be kind to everyone around, forgive and love, life is too unpredictable.
* Give free fashion advice to people, without offending them! Haha. 
* Never regret anything that you did, you did it because you wanted to, right!
 * Apologize when you know it’s your mistake.
*  Enjoy music, music is indeed the best medicine. 
* Dance or join self defense classes, makes you confident.
* Read, read and read, you get to learn so much.
* Love your Parents and Siblings, they have done a lot for you and they are always going to be there for you.
* Thank the universe for keeping you safe and happy. Show gratitude.